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In 1972, a small group of families gathered in a living room to pray, burdened at the lack of gospel witness in Cashmere, Washington. Shortly after, the First Southern Baptist Church of Cashmere was planted, with 37 charter members meeting in a local Seventh-day Adventist building.

The church grew through faithful evangelism and community outreach and in 1975, they purchased land and broke ground to build a church. In 1976, the newly completed church opened its doors to Cashmere and welcomed people from all walks of life to join in the worship of Christ.


The church has had five pastors before Pastor John, who has been serving EBC for close to a decade. Carrying on the work of the previous men, expository preaching continues in the pulpit, along with a renewed focus on missions and discipleship.

In recent years, EBC's Biblical convictions have become even clearer. Whether it was the decision to continue to gather for worship through the pandemic, the installation of a plurality of elders, or standing firm on stances regarding marriage and family, today EBC has the reputation of being a church whose gospel witness is clear and love for God and neighbor is evident.


Although EBC has seen many changes throughout the years, our mission to serve the word to the world remains the same. Regardless of the changes in culture, we will continue to believe and share the good news of Jesus Christ with all.

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