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Serving the Word in prayer, song, and sermon

Service begins at 11:00 a.m., with a song to welcome each other and prepare our hearts for worship. After the first song, Scripture is read, and we pray, recalling God's great promises and our hope found only in Christ.

We then sing some more before we all submit ourselves to the proclaimed Word as it is taught verse by verse from the Bible. At EBC, our sermons are from the text of Scripture and we walk through entire books of the Bible together with gospel-centered focus.

We conclude with a few more songs, pray, and end every service with the Doxology.

All in all, our services are filled with lots of singing, praying, and preaching, but more importantly, lots of love for Christ and each other.

You can see our order of worship here and what songs to expect here.

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Exaltation and Exultation

We like to use the words “exaltation” and “exultation” when it comes to our choice of music and songs on any given Sunday. In our time together, we want to sing so that God is exalted and the truth about Him is clearly understood. We also want to celebrate Him and what He has done in and through the gospel.

Our church appreciates today's God-honoring music as well as hymns' timeless theology. During service, you will often hear contemporary songs from CityAlight and the Gettys paired with hymns such as “And Can It Be” or “Be Thou, My Vision.”


We are Family Integrated

We love children and invite them to worship with us. We are a “family integrated” church, which means that regardless of age, all are welcome to sing, fellowship, and learn from the Word in the main service. We know that sounds intimidating, but our church is filled with parents and grandparents who are not bothered by children who wiggle in the pew or make noise. In fact, we are blessed by it.

Give it a try and we know you will be blessed by it too.

We do provide a nursery for infants and children under three years old. Nursery workers go through a background check, and we have policies in place to ensure safety.


If you would like more information, please click here.

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