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Our Citizenship to a Greater Kingdom

It was yesterday (Nov. 8) as of writing this that America made its choice of who would occupy the Oval office, and to many people's surprise it was not the candidate they had expected. Admittedly, I had stayed up a little too late watching the election coverage, but I am glad I did, to see many of the so-called experts and political pundits shake their heads in disbelief and wonder how they could have been so wrong at the election's outcome. Even myself, was surprised at what took place in such a tumultuous and contentious presidential election. However there was one who was not surprised at all; in fact he had planned this even before Donald Trump was born. He decreed that Hillary Clinton would lose to Trump by a whopping 51 electoral votes and had ordained for her to make her painful concession speech the day after the loss. He also knew that much of the world and its markets would be reeling after such a dramatic victory by the Trump campaign. Who is this person you ask? The answer: God. God was not surprised at how the presidential race turned out, in reality it was God who stuffed the ballot box so that Trump would get elected. The Bible clearly states that God "sets up kings and takes down kings" (Dan. 2:21) and that he "works all things according to the counsel of his will."(Eph. 1:11). God's sovereignty extends to all areas concerning this world, including elections, and because of that the Christian can remain settled amidst the swelling anxiety of a Trump in the Whitehouse. I do not presume to know specifically how Trump is going to be used by God; I just know that he definitely will be. I am hopeful that he will be a good president and do what he has promised on the campaign trail for the betterment of our country. However, regardless of how Trump is going to be used, ultimately God is the one who is in control of America's future for, "dominion belongs to the Lord and He rules over the nations". (Ps. 23:28). We need to see the bigger picture and trust that God is in control. The bigger picture at play is about God's Kingdom and the One who rules it, King Jesus. This Kingdom of God is an unstoppable force and is claiming victory after victory throughout the world. So when we watch on CNN or Fox News the turmoil that is so prevalent in this world, as Christians we are not moved by this because we are citizens of an unshakable kingdom (Heb. 12:28), one that is eternal with a King who will never lose an election and will never be deposed. This is an incredibly stabilizing truth within the upheaval that surrounds us, and causes believers to have a sense of overwhelming peace. Or at least it should. The conversations, debates and all-out arguments concerning this election and its results have been rather revealing. From the over the top jubilancy that Trump defeated the establishment, to the out-of-control rage and tears because of his victory, all show that perhaps we are focusing too much on the temporary and not the eternal. To both sides of the line, I want to ask this: What if Trump doesn't make America great again? What happens if he reveals himself to be just as bad as some people say he is? This is something that we need to seriously reflect upon and depending on how we answer it, will tell where our focus and our hope lies. Nov. 8 has rattled this country, and I believe that there will be more shaking in the future. Yet when this shaking occurs Christian, remain steadfast because our hope is not in the person who lives in the Whitehouse, political party, or platform. Our hope is found in our citizenship of a heavenly kingdom, under the care and protection of an eternal King. Now more than ever, Christians are to reflect their citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven and their trust in its King. The church is poised in an unprecedented moment in history, to show what it looks like to believe in a sovereign God who will forever be, when all else becomes a footnote in history. Let's not waste this opportunity

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