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Modern-Day Child Sacrifice

During an impassioned acceptance speech, Michelle Williams attributed her Golden Globe win for best actress by alluding the reason for her success is due to aborting her own child.

"I wouldn't have been able to do this without employing a woman's right to choose…To choose when to have my children, and with whom."

Cue the thunderous applause from the Hollywood elite and their celebration of the old pagan rituals of child sacrifice.

You see, as moderns, we are not much more civilized than our pagan ancestors. To be sure we don’t sacrifice our children on rocks in front of ghastly idols made of stone or bronze. Instead, we sacrifice our children in clean, sterile abortion clinics and use terms like “women’s healthcare” or “reproductive rights” to justify the slaughter of innocent children thus searing our consciences from the conviction of our barbarity.

Michelle Williams is far from just being an actress, she like other pro-aborts are clergy and evangelist in the great religion of “self-interest” with its sacrament of child sacrifice.

Although some may have a hard time with my usage of the word “child sacrifice” as it relates to abortion, I urge them to see the correlation between our modern-day practice and that of old. In ancient times, as recorded and condemned in the Bible, people would take their children and place them on the altars of Molech, burning them alive to curry favor with the pagan deity for a rich harvest and material prosperity. Today, the number one reason why abortion occurs is not because of some sort of victimization of the mother (as in the cases of rape or incest), rather as Michelle Williams noted in her acceptance speech, she couldn’t have had a successful career without having an abortion.

And so, the ancient Satanic lie perpetuates from the lips of the modern elite, “sacrifice your child and you will gain success and prosperity.”

Yet with all the hubris displayed by Williams and the media lauding her as a champion for women, the spiritually discerning one sees through the facade. Michelle Williams is a shell of a woman and she may have gained the whole world but lost her soul in the process (Mk. 8:36).

Abortion is not a key to success nor is it a pathway to empowerment as the Feminist movement has led many to believe. Rather, it conveys the message that women just aren’t capable, strong enough, nor can take on the heroic endeavor to be a mother. So, instead of showing the world that motherhood is the ultimate example of female empowerment, women kill their children with the excuse that they were not ready to be a mom.

Additionally, abortion continues to enable women being used as objects by nefarious men. Men can have sexual relations with women without bearing the responsibility of fatherhood. If a woman gets pregnant, a local Planned Parenthood can provide the abortion and the man can continue to use this woman for his gratification.

Abortion is the easy way out. After all, it is much easier to pick on, bully, sacrifice those smaller than us. Furthermore, it is a sign of weakness and cowardice to victimize someone to get ahead and should not be hailed as virtuous. Especially in our day, when everyone is so sensitive about the injustices towards and the victimization of illegals, women, or members of the LGBTQ+, yet at the same time, they will not acknowledge the greatest of injustices and demonstrated cruelty happening in our day—the murder of the preborn.


May the Lord have mercy on us. I often wonder how long will God allow us to continue to celebrate and commend the very things that he considers “abominations” (Lev. 18, 20)? How many children will have to die on the altar of “convenience” and have it considered right and legal according to our Constitution?

I don’t know.

But what I do know is that the Church ought to pray for women like Michelle Williams, that they would repent and call upon the mercy of Christ for the forgiveness of their murderous hearts and actions. Also, that we do not remain silent or idle as millions of our preborn neighbors are ushered to their death in abortion mills all across this country.

God has called us to rescue and it is about time we take it seriously (Prov. 24:11).

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