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The Most Anti-God Campaign Ever

It is official, Kamala Harris is Biden’s VP and never before in the history of this country has there ever been a more anti-God Presidential ticket.

Now that may be harsh to consider Biden/Harris to be the most anti-God candidacy ever, but all one has to do is to look at the party that they represent. The Democratic Party is now and has been for a long time the party that has for its primary platform abortion and sexual freedom. Add Socialism to the mix (thanks to Bernie) and you have an unholy trinity with Biden and Harris as its heralds.

Why does the Biden/Harris ticket concern me as a pastor? After all, pastors and politics shouldn’t mix. The stereotypical pastor spends hours in his study, buried beneath ancient books with piety that distances himself from the world. It is understood that the pastor shouldn’t “get entangled in civilian pursuits” (2 Tim. 2:4) and that he should just pray and preach the gospel as long as it remains in the four walls of the church and never interacts with the whole of life.

Well, I am not the typical pastor.

The Biden/Harris ticket should be a concern not just for pastors, but all Christians in general, because of what they have said and done in the past. It was Biden who declared his overwhelming support for same-sex marriage on Meet the Press in 2012, of which his own campaign says was “historic” and also said that as President, abortion will be “codified” to ensure that Roe v. Wade will never be overturned.

Kamala Harris is no better. She threw her support for the group “Black Lives Matter” during her acceptance speech and consistently champions the murder of innocent children by way of abortion with her voting record, stump speeches, and debate platforms. Yet most egregious of all, was her treatment of David Daleiden in 2015, who worked to expose Planned Parenthood’s ghoulish activity of selling aborted baby parts. Harris, as California’s Attorney General, raided Daleiden’s home, confiscated his personal property, and sued him for hundreds of millions of dollars all because Planned Parenthood (her biggest supporter) and abortion rights were being rightfully threatened.

If Harris can blatantly toss the Constitution out as Attorney General and punish a man who was doing the right thing, exposing evil, what will she do when she has the opportunity to influence the highest office in the Land—the Presidency?

Do I see the Biden/Harris Presidency raiding Christian organizations and churches all because they proclaim “repentance towards God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts. 20:21)? It certainly is not outside the realm of possibility.

As Christians, we must prepare for whatever comes in November but as it stands now, it doesn’t look too promising. America is polarized and we must come to the honest assessment that neither political party is on the side of God. Although, we can say with a bit of certainty, that at least one party is not in favor of ripping children up in the womb by taxpayer funding nor are they hell-bent on punishing those who desire to express their Christian faith in the public square.

Our responsibility as Christians, whose lives are informed by Holy Writ, must take the time to evaluate who or what we are voting for and vote, as best as we are able, according to Biblical principles. For some, it seems pretty cut-and-dry but for others, I recognize pastorally, that it may not be so easy, hence it is important to “Trust in him [God] at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us” (Psalm 62:8). Ultimately, it is God who we trust and not politics.

However, can an individual who believes the gospel and professes Christ, throw their support toward individuals/organizations/political parties that overwhelmingly call for the murder of the unborn and the destruction of the nuclear family? Dr. John MacArthur would answer that by saying, “If you are a Christian, you cannot vote for a person or party that slays babies in the womb.”

I can’t say I disagree. No, we are not saved by how we vote. Salvation is by grace through faith in Christ alone, but I cannot help but wonder how a Christian could vote for a ticket whose platform is so anti-God, it’s scary.

For now, I will trust that God judges the heart of all people and leave that answer up to him.

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