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Voting for Righteousness Sake

I have never seen a more tumultuous election year than this one. With all that has been happening, from the COVID-19 crisis to BLM and Antifa burning down cities and inciting riots, our nation is at the breaking point. Add two very controversial presidential candidates to that mix and this election could easily turn into a civil war.

So, in light of all this, what is the Christian to do? Some unfortunately are encouraging Christians to abstain from exercising their civic duty and not vote because there is not one candidate or political party that perfectly lines up with a Christian worldview. Others along the same vein, say that ultimately it doesn’t matter because “This world is not our home.” “Why polish brass on a sinking ship?” they say, “We need to be focused on the Kingdom of God rather than the kingdom of men.”

To be honest, I can sympathize to a certain degree with both of those sentiments. As Christians, we are indeed part of a different kingdom and regardless of who is in office, Jesus Christ is and will be forever King of kings and Lord of lords. It is also true that neither candidate nor political party perfectly lines up with a Biblical worldview. However, in times like ours today, it is not saintly nor pious to abstain from casting your ballot. Here you have Christian, an opportunity unlike the majority of believers in the world both past and present, to actually have a voice in how a nation is governed and you aren’t going to take it? Since when does the Bible ever give license to not take a stand for righteousness when the opportunity presents itself? It doesn’t and those who twist the Scripture to try to justify their inactivity are not only faking piety but irresponsible.

Whatever nation a Christian finds themselves in, the call of Jesus is to do good (Matt. 5:13-16). Therefore, as American Christians, we can do a bit of good by how we choose to vote. The 2020 elections, in my humble estimation, reflect polar opposite values concerning our nation. One party is admittedly all about the tearing down of the definitions of gender and sexuality, even going so far to boldly proclaim that they are in favor of 8-year-old children transitioning into different genders. Not to mention that this party is perfectly fine with children being murdered by way of abortion, even up to the point of birth! My issue is this, if they will not look out for the smallest citizens (children), what makes you think that they will do right by us?

Now I have to be careful to not conflate Christianity with Conservatism but given the options before me, what political platform matches closely with my Christian worldview? I know for certain, that being okay with killing children or changing children’s gender doesn’t. Nor does using a pandemic to justify government overreach which has plunged many into financial ruin. I have dear friends who have lost businesses, homes and have struggled to provide for their families all because of arbitrary mandates and policies that came from the desk of out-of-touch bureaucrats from one particular party.

Of course, some readers will chide me for daring to dip my sanctified toe into the political discussion but the absence of a strong Christian voice in the political realm is precisely how we got to the position we find ourselves in today. As Christians, there is not one verse in all of Holy Writ that excuses ourselves from advancing the Kingdom of God in whatever way we can. I mean after all, what do we mean when we pray “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”?

For some reading this, you have already voted. I pray you voted according to your convictions informed by a Biblical world view. Others who have yet to vote, sit down with your ballot, pray to God for wisdom and then vote accordingly.

Whatever the results are this election season, I hope we can confidently say that we didn’t sit idly by but we faithfully trusted Christ as we stood for righteousness' sake.

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